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Gotcha Rescue Kit

Gotcha Rescue Kit

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MFR Part #: GOTCHA50

Tình trạng: Đặt hàng

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The Gotcha rescue kit is a unique solution to a problem faced by all workers at height who use PPE for protection against falls. Whereas most rescue provision has focused on the more extreme activities carried out at height, the Gotcha kit is designed for tradesmen who use common items of fall protection.

  • Suitable for Rescue from Fall Arrest Lanyards and Fall Arrest Blocks
  • No Cutting Required - The victim is raised to release their original attachment
  • Rescue Direction - The casualty can be attached from a point of safety
  • Single Person Use - The Gotcha is for raising or lowering a single person
  • Remote Attachment - The victim can be attached from a point of safety
  • Color Coding - The kit is color coded for simplicitiy

  • In High Anchor Mode: Up to 55 feet
  • In Low Anchor Mode: Up to 40 feet

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